Beth Hill Tulchina Adventures

Who We Are

We are Warren and Beth Hill, owners, creators and operators of Tulchina Adventures. We created Tulchina Adventures as we recognized a need for affordable options for visitors to Lake Clark National Park. Our hope is to share this beautiful place with others that will appreciate it.

Warren was born and raised in Naknek and Kokhanok, Alaska, and often came to Port Alsworth growing up as his family had lived there when it was known as Tanalian Point. Warren has commercial fished in Bristol Bay his entire life; fish and boats are second nature to him.

Beth came to Alaska as a kid and was lucky enough that her parents chose Cordova. (Another unknown destination that should be on your list.) Fish and boats also played a key role in her life and after exploring a career as a fisheries biologist she chose to move to Port Alsworth with Warren in 2008.

In 2012, we bought 40 acres of old growth forest at the edge of Port Alsworth. We bought the land from family, and it is the land that Warren’s great-grandmother once called home and where his grandmother Katherine Trefon was born. Not only did we feel rooted to this place, but we quickly realized that this 40 acres of forest located on the shores of Lake Clark was the ideal location for a campground and kayak business. Creating and growing this little business has been an adventure. We have many plans for future improvements, and we hope you follow us and stay posted to see what’s next!