We are an owner-operated small business in remote alaska, and we try our hardest to work with our guests in making the best trip possible. However, we have a short operating season and a small number of visitors per year to Port Alsworth. getting to Lake Clark national park takes planning and we are unable to fill cancelled reservations through walk-in customers. our kayaks and water taxi operate rain or shine as long as the weather is safe.

Our Standard Reservation, Cancellation and Refund Policy

We require a 50% deposit to hold reservations. Full payment is due on arrival for your trip/stay with us, before departure to any backcountry excursions. All cancellations are subject to a 10% cancellation fee of the total trip amount. Cancellations within 90 days of your trip date are subject to a 25% cancellation fee of the trip amount. Cancellations within 60 days of your trip date the 50% deposit is nonrefundable. 

If Tulchina Adventures cancels a trip due to unsafe weather conditions (i.e. high winds and waves) we give full refunds or credit as the situation allows. While we do want everyone to be safe, rain or Alaska's cooler climate conditions is not considered unsafe weather. Please be prepared as you would with any Alaska adventure and bring appropriate outerwear. There are no weather cancellations for either our Port Alsworth campground or our Tanalian River cabin. 

Weather Delays

Alaska weather can be hard to predict. We recommend allowing for weather delays on every part of your trip. For multi-day trips we recommend a satellite communication device, such as a Delorme inReach or satellite phone. We do have inReach devices available for rent if needed. We recommend not scheduling your commercial flights leaving Alaska for the same day that you expect to return from the backcountry to Port Alsworth. For day trips, please allow for rescheduling if necessary.  We do not cancel kayak trips because of rain so please be prepared.

Policy for Priest Rock and Thompsons Public Cabins. 

Lake Clark is 45 miles long, about 1000 feet deep and surrounded by mountains; creating the perfect conditions for rough seas. i.e. Wind equals waves. Our water taxi, Tulchina, is a seaworthy vessel that can handle the roughest waters of Lake Clark. However, the exposed beach and terrain at Priest Rock cabin can make landing the Tulchina unsafe for the passengers, operator and the vessel. We always do our best, but in the event of a strong east wind we may delay your drop-off or pick-up. Below is what to expect in the event this happens.

Water taxi drop-off

If we delay your trip there is no additional charges on the water taxi. Sometimes the delay may simply be a few hours while we wait for winds to calm down. Occasionally it may be a day and on the rare occasion it might be more than a day. If, due to weather, we are completely unable to get you to your destination (unlikely, but it could happen) during the time of your scheduled dates at Lake Clark’s public cabin we will refund for the water taxi and kayak rentals.


If you have rented kayaks from us then we refund for calendar days in which we have delayed due to weather. There is no pro-rating kayak rentals for delayed departures or early pick-ups occurring on the calendar dates for which they were scheduled.


If you are delayed overnight and need lodging while in Port Alsworth we will help you find the best lodging for you; which may include our campground or cabin. We are not responsible for additional costs incurred for lodging in Port Alsworth. We are also not responsible for any fees you may have paid to for your stay at the public cabin. 

Water Taxi Pick-up

As with any backcountry Alaska trip the weather does not always cooperate. Backcountry trips that are multi-days are difficult to predict the weather. We recommend allowing extra time in your trip for delays. Satellite communication devices are a good way to communicate if there is any concerns. We recommend bringing a Delorme inReach. If you do not have one we do have them available for rent. Satellite phones are another good option, but we have found them to be less reliable in the Lake Clark area.

Delays on your Flight to Port Alsworth

We are not responsible for delays on your flight to Port Alsworth or schedule changes on your flights. Although we do our best to accommodate arriving passengers, our water taxi operates during regularly scheduled business hours. Please communicate with us on what these hours are for the days you will be arriving and departing as we operate by reservations. We are an owner-operated small business and cannot accommodate an on-call 24 hours schedule. For these reasons we highly recommend you fly with the local air taxi we suggest when you make your reservation with us. For those wishing to depart Port Alsworth on the water taxi on the same day of arrival to Port Alsworth, we suggest scheduling a morning flight departure from Anchorage. For those wanting a water taxi pick-up on the same day their flight is scheduled to leave Port Alsworth, we recommend an afternoon or evening flight schedule to Anchorage.

Cancellations for Air Taxi

Port Alsworth is located on 2 well maintained runways and serviced by 2 highly capable air taxis. Although weather delays do happen, we find it uncommon in the summer months. We are not responsible for any reservations you may have with the air taxis and we do not refund for cancellations due to flight changes or concerns about the weather. We strongly recommend you fly with one of the 2 locally owned providers we suggest on our Directions page.