Kayak Brooks Cove on Lake Clark

Big mountains aren't everything. We can't explain the love we have for this area. It is something that can only be experienced. Think tundra, caribou moss, blueberries, fishing and accessible mountains for rugged off-trail hiking. This is it! So many options. Kayak from Port Alsworth and back. Climb a mountain. Drop-offs, pick-ups, both? Paddle the whole lower lake. Why not? We recommend at least 2 or 3 nights at Brooks Cove. Why? Porkypine Peak (Taz Mountain) is a must-do challenge.

Do-it-yourself Day 1: Leave from Port Alsworth and you will be at our private Brooks Cove campsite within half-a-day if you don't get side-tracked along the way. Popular 22 Mile creek is just a 15 minute paddle from the campsite and there are more fishing creeks before this one.  Day 2: Leave from Brooks Cove and spend the day climbing Taz Mountain. This rugged off-trail hike is strenuous but with great views of Lake Clark National Park. At the end of the day you will feel satisfied and exhausted but the scenery from this campsite is amazing with it's long Bristol Bay sunsets. It doesn't get any better. Day 3: Sleep in after your long hike, drink some coffee and enjoy a quiet morning. Then, spend the day resting your legs and exploring the rolling tundra from your kayak while you paddle around lower Lake Clark. Day 4: After spending 3 nights at Brooks Cove, choose from a half-day paddle back to Port Alsworth enjoying the views of the scenic big mountains, or hop on the Tulchina and we will have you back in Port Alsworth in no time. Cost: Prices vary with trip options so contact us for more details.

Multi-day tour of western half of Lake Clark. We absolutely have fallen in love with this trip. Day 1: The Tulchina drops you and kayaks off at a designated National Park campsite at the outlet to the Newhalen River and Six Mile Lake. Spend the afternoon and evening exploring the northwestern shores into Portage Bay. Enjoy fishing, blueberry picking and watching the salmon jump in the river current. Day 2: Kayak the southwestern shores of Lake Clark to our Brooks Cove campsite, enjoying the rolling tundra, salmon and blueberries. Spend another night enjoying western Alaska's long sunsets. Day 3: Kayak back to Port Alsworth. Cost: Please contact us for rates.

For a detailed map on our destinations please visit our About Lake Clark page.